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all about HIM HIM HIM <3

This guy who really knows how to make my day.. Who turned my bad moods into good ones… Who is more upset when I am down.. Who tries to make me laugh even if he’ll look “something”… Who hears my every woes.. Who looks at me intently when I am crying over my problems, holds my hand and reminds me of how special I am to him.. This guy who never fails to read my mind.. Who automatically do what I want, say what I need to hear without me asking for it.. This guy who is not just a lover, but also a best friend..

I can feel how lucky I am to have him in my life.. he’s indeed one in a million.. We fall, then fall apart, then again fall in love.. but no matter what happens to our “love life”, our friendship is still the same or maybe is even deeper.. We never leave each other even if a lot of complicated things happened, and some are still happening to us..

In just a little time, I learned to read him - his stares, his thoughts, his smiles, his actions, even his way of texting (I am very much familiarized) I know that it’s him even if he’s using another number.. So is he. We are very much comfortable with each other, we can talk about anything under the sun. We can show our weirdest side, we can tell our most embarrassing experiences to each other without feeling awkward, our painful memories, our childhood memories, everything! Even those nonsense topics, whatever we can talk about that will interest us. 

I know nothing is permanent in this world. But I am still hoping this will never change. But if one day, things won’t fall into plan, if one day we will not end up to be together, I know for sure that our friendship will never fade. Because we trust each other, we respect each other deeply and we love each other not just each other’s lover, but someone who is very dear and special to each one. We both admire each other as individuals. And I am really proud that he became a part of life, and I am a part of his. :)

And just like what he had promised, “Miguel-Christine” tandem will never end. I am fervently hoping that he will be true to his promise no matter what happens.. ;)

God bless us. I’ll pray for that :)

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